Sunday, 20 August 2017

Low Cost Spay And Neuter In Houston Control Pet Population

Low cost spay and neuter in Houston prevents tumors and cancers in dogs and cats. Almost 50% of dogs and 90% of cats can be well protected against tumors and cancers. If you are thinking of getting a cat or a dog it is a good idea to make the health decisions first. Spaying cats require little hospitalization and the local vet hospital can perform the procedure so your cat can enjoy lifelong health. Neutering in dogs is known to improve dog behavior. Dogs that are aggressive and fight a lot will be well behaved after they are neutered.

Surgeries for dogs and cats used to be very expensive in the past. Now with new state and county programs all are able to afford the procedures they need. Low cost spay and neuter in Houston make raising pets easier and more affordable. Imagine if the cat gives a litter, how you will be able to afford all the cat food. Most cat owners give away the unwanted cats and dogs and most of them land up in kill shelters.

In New York and Los Angeles pet owners that cannot afford spay and neuter for their pets can get it for free. Low cost spay and neuter in Houston keep the pet population in check. Cancers kill almost 90% of all cats and if you spay the cat before you bring it home, you will protect it from a life-threatening disease. The male dogs will not suffer from testicular cancer if you neuter it.  It will stay at home and will also give up the habit of roaming around the neighborhood. Get it some toys that it will like to play with and teach it more obedience. Dogs that are not neutered can also begin to dig under the fence in an effort to get out. After it is out of the house it can cross the road which puts it at a risk of a road accident. It can also pick up fights with other dogs in the neighborhood.

If you want the dog to give company to the elderly or to walk the blind, you expect the perfect behavior from it. Get it neutered so it will stay put and be more obedient. Another good thing about spaying and neutering is that the pets will never get overweight. They will never overeat and will stay fit and slim with the type of activity or exercise you engage them in. Caring for more pups and kittens in the house can be a hassle and not everyone is willing to waste their money on pet care. A simple spay or neuter procedure will prevent the pets from reproduction.

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Friday, 21 July 2017

Houston Veterinary Clinic Offers Comprehensive Services

Houston veterinary clinic offers financial assistance to clients. If you have recently lost your job and the pets in the house need vaccinations or tests, you can still go ahead and fulfill their health care needs.  In Houston, the recent outbreak of the contagious dog flu has affected many dogs. Symptoms of dog flu include a high fever, lethargy, loss of appetite, cough along with nasal discharge. A cough is persistent and even after treatment, the pet may continue to cough.

The flu can spread further and affect even more dogs, so it is good to get your pet vaccinated against the flu at the earliest. The flu can also have pneumonia-like symptoms. With proper diagnosis and medication, the dogs are able to recover in a few weeks time. The virus has not been known to infect humans, however, care needs to be taken if your dog has the virus.

Almost 20% of dogs have no clinical signs, so even if your dog shows no symptoms, it is advisable to get it vaccinated.  Infected dogs infect the food bowl so wear gloves when you handle the food and water bowls. The area where the dogs live has to be disinfected regularly. The dog should not be allowed to go out or it may infect other dogs in the neighborhood. If your dog is ill, do not take it to the dog park either. Pet owners with healthy pets also need to avoid the parks if there is an epidemic.

Dr. Mark is a great veterinarian who owns and operates his pet hospital in Houston, Texas. The Houston veterinary clinic provides comprehensive veterinary services and offers quality products. Get your pets the diagnostic laboratory tests they need and have them tested for heartworms, intestinal parasites, and feline leukemia. Pet owners can also use their online pharmacy to order pet supplies and medications.

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Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Low Cost Spray And Neuter Houston

If you are on a budget but still have a pet because you could not handle staying away from that adorable dog and if their heat is bothering them a bit more than usual then you must get them spayed or neutered, considering which gender they are. If it’s a female mutt then a spay surgery is what you seek and if it’s a male dog then a neuter is what you must get done. Both these things can easily be done at a low cost than other pricey clinics in the Houston area. Considering the experience of the past 40 years, this pet hospital is no indie vet place but a highly specialized and affordable one.

The hospital also offers a special discount of 10% off to senior citizens aged 65 or above on all products and services. Spaying and neutering only makes the mutt at peace as the risk of other deadly diseases is reduces and they live a healthier and longer life than usual. This service is completely humane because it only controls the overpopulation of pets which is a smart thing as the cute adorable mutts are unlikely to find a loving and caring home so quickly.

The low cost spaying and neutering inspires and engages all owners of adoring pets in giving these animals with this surgical process. We realize that the overpopulation of these creatures is quite recently going to prompt impaired birth or potential complications amid and after pregnancy and in addition other harmful outcomes that you don't need your regal pet to experience. After getting the mutt spayed or neutered, you will be ensured that you keep your creature safe and upbeat by going to the hospital in Houston for Low Cost Spay and Neuter.

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Monday, 24 April 2017

Pet Vet in Houston Prevents Zoonotic Diseases

Pet vet in Houston keeps all pets healthy and fit throughout their lifetime. A vet practices veterinary medicine by diagnosing and treating disease and other health disorders. They also perform surgeries to treat physical injuries in animals.

Vets have to first get a Bachelors degree and then earn a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. They also need to get a license to practice medicine. Most animal hospitals and clinics prefer to hire licensed and experienced vets. Some animal doctors focus on a specialty such as surgery or cancer or choose to treat house pets or farm animals. They also join a Professional Association to become more credible in their field. Those who treat horses and cattle travel between their clinics and ranches or farms.

The earliest known veterinary school was founded by Claude Bourgelat in France in 1762. The French cattle herds were destroyed by plague and Bourgelat wanted to protect the herds from life-threatening diseases. Many diseases are transferred from animals to humans and these are called as zoonotic diseases.

Pet vet in Houston offers vaccines for all types of viruses and diseases so humans that adopt pets and work close to them at the farms do not contract them. Like in human medicines, animal doctors can also be osteopaths, chiropractors, and physiotherapists. The well-established animal hospitals have several branches and they provide comprehensive healthcare.  You can get blood tests or get the cancer treatment at an affordable cost. The vets that work at the animal hospitals are the right source of valuable advice on pet health care.

If you live in Houston, take your pets for a dental, for micro-chipping, spay and neuter and routine vaccinations to the nearby pet hospital. The modern clinics have the latest diagnostic equipment, caring staff and good policy and procedures in place to take care of your dogs and cats.

Monday, 27 March 2017

Spay and Neuter in Houston is Now More Affordable

Spay and neuter in Houston lets you raise healthy pups and kittens. When the animals are young it is easy for them to recover from surgery. The young ones wake up faster from anesthesia as compared to grown up animals. Therefore, it is advisable to get spay and neuter in Houston soon as you adopt a young animal. 

Some doctors advise people to wait till the cats or dogs have had their first litter, as it makes it easier for them to perform the procedure. It is however up to your level of comfort and how you plan to live with the pets that dictate your choice. If you have the money to raise more pets then let them reproduce once, but if you cannot afford to have another pet in the house get it spayed soon at an animal hospital near you.
The drive to control the pet population started in the early 1930’s. Cats were however allowed to roam the streets until the 1970’s. Dogs with their hostile behavior were always taken off the street and put away in shelters. In the past, it was considered okay to drown the unwanted dogs or to shoot them and comparatively, anesthesia was considered dangerous for them. Now with more people living in the cities, the trend has changed and all responsible pet owners get their pets neutered so they do not add to the pet population. Research shows that there are seven times more pups and kittens born each day as compared to human babies.

The first spay/neuter clinic started operations in Los Angeles in 1969. This impelled more debate around the country on the benefits of the medical procedure. Animal welfare issue gained more spotlight in the news and hence the general population gained better knowledge about the issue and more people began to spay and neuter their pets.

Today, the animal hospitals have the well-educated doctors, trained staff and modern equipment to provide effective pet health care services. 

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Monday, 13 February 2017

Spay and Neuter in Houston for Every Pet

Spay and neuter in Houston used to be every costly but now with the growing number of vets in the area, the cost of animal health care has come down. Many families that own pets are sometimes not able to afford good health care. They rely on the advice of family and friends and do not want to take the pet out to the hospital. This often endangers the life of the animal. If you own a dog or a cat it is good to keep some money aside for it, like you do for your own kids. When the pet needs any treatment or vaccination, you will have the money ready for it.

Spaying and neutering a pet is now the need of the time when so many dog and cats can be seen on the internet looking for adoption. All dogs are loyal to their owners and protect them from likely harm. They bark at strangers and keep us safe. To make sure these pets stay with the family for a longer period of time it is good to get their reproductive organs removed. If the dog is young and has had a few litters you can take it to the nearby clinic where the well-trained doctors will perform surgery. The dog will rest for a day and return back to its normal activities soon.  Spay and neuter in Houston helps keep the pets healthier and happier. If you want to adopt a pet make sure you take it to the nearby clinic to get it spayed or neutered.

I know a pet hospital they have 4 locations in the greater Houston area and hires well-qualified doctors with a degree in medical science from well-reputed institutions. The hospitals have the new equipment for conducting experiments so the process of diagnosis is quick and your pets can get the proper treatment in time.

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Friday, 16 December 2016

Why Spaying and Neutering is Necessary for Your Pets

The sad fact is that there is not enough room on Earth for all the pets of the world, and if we don’t stop them for reproducing they will outnumber humans fairly quickly, and this would actually lead to a worldwide catastrophe as we would all run out of natural resources(I know this looks like petapocalypse). I am sure that many of you are of the opinion that we should not try to control the reproductive process of pets, however it is a step that is necessary because if you do not put a stop to it in the first instance you are potentially setting up your pet and their offspring for an extremely hard life.

What happens is that more often than not pets reproduce and the owners are unable to take care of the offspring’s, usually it is because of the fact that they are either too busy or least bothered about the condition or well-being of their pets.

Even if you are extremely vigilant and do your level best for your dog or any other pet for that matter, an accidental pregnancy is still possible , and this can be  really difficult to manage on your own at times. Hence I usually recommend that all pet owners, especially the people who own cats and dogs go forth with the process of low cost spaying and neutering.

There are quite a lot of advantages of spaying and neutering, apart from curbing your pets sexual endeavors. A Spayed female will arguably live longer and won’t go into heat as frequently. It also helps prevent cancer and tumors and urinary tract infections amongst other things while neutering a male means that he will stop with aggressive behavior and will not indulge and territorial behavior such as marking and mounting amongst other things.

Spaying and neutering are extremely feasible and considering that they provide pet owner a multitude of benefits , it can be seen as something which is absolutely important , in fact many pet shelters have made it mandatory and include the costs in their adoption fee process. This is quite possibly the most humane way that you can curb the population of pets and stray dogs and cats who roam the streets.

There will always be a select few who will be against the procedure but personally speaking I find it to be an extremely important procedure, and one which must be done by all pet owners. If you are looking to neuter or spay your pet visit PetVet Animal Hospitals as they are amongst the best vets in Houston Texas.