Friday, 21 July 2017

Houston Veterinary Clinic Offers Comprehensive Services

Houston veterinary clinic offers financial assistance to clients. If you have recently lost your job and the pets in the house need vaccinations or tests, you can still go ahead and fulfill their health care needs.  In Houston, the recent outbreak of the contagious dog flu has affected many dogs. Symptoms of dog flu include a high fever, lethargy, loss of appetite, cough along with nasal discharge. A cough is persistent and even after treatment, the pet may continue to cough.

The flu can spread further and affect even more dogs, so it is good to get your pet vaccinated against the flu at the earliest. The flu can also have pneumonia-like symptoms. With proper diagnosis and medication, the dogs are able to recover in a few weeks time. The virus has not been known to infect humans, however, care needs to be taken if your dog has the virus.

Almost 20% of dogs have no clinical signs, so even if your dog shows no symptoms, it is advisable to get it vaccinated.  Infected dogs infect the food bowl so wear gloves when you handle the food and water bowls. The area where the dogs live has to be disinfected regularly. The dog should not be allowed to go out or it may infect other dogs in the neighborhood. If your dog is ill, do not take it to the dog park either. Pet owners with healthy pets also need to avoid the parks if there is an epidemic.

Dr. Mark is a great veterinarian who owns and operates his pet hospital in Houston, Texas. The Houston veterinary clinic provides comprehensive veterinary services and offers quality products. Get your pets the diagnostic laboratory tests they need and have them tested for heartworms, intestinal parasites, and feline leukemia. Pet owners can also use their online pharmacy to order pet supplies and medications.

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