Monday, 27 March 2017

Spay and Neuter in Houston is Now More Affordable

Spay and neuter in Houston lets you raise healthy pups and kittens. When the animals are young it is easy for them to recover from surgery. The young ones wake up faster from anesthesia as compared to grown up animals. Therefore, it is advisable to get spay and neuter in Houston soon as you adopt a young animal. 

Some doctors advise people to wait till the cats or dogs have had their first litter, as it makes it easier for them to perform the procedure. It is however up to your level of comfort and how you plan to live with the pets that dictate your choice. If you have the money to raise more pets then let them reproduce once, but if you cannot afford to have another pet in the house get it spayed soon at an animal hospital near you.
The drive to control the pet population started in the early 1930’s. Cats were however allowed to roam the streets until the 1970’s. Dogs with their hostile behavior were always taken off the street and put away in shelters. In the past, it was considered okay to drown the unwanted dogs or to shoot them and comparatively, anesthesia was considered dangerous for them. Now with more people living in the cities, the trend has changed and all responsible pet owners get their pets neutered so they do not add to the pet population. Research shows that there are seven times more pups and kittens born each day as compared to human babies.

The first spay/neuter clinic started operations in Los Angeles in 1969. This impelled more debate around the country on the benefits of the medical procedure. Animal welfare issue gained more spotlight in the news and hence the general population gained better knowledge about the issue and more people began to spay and neuter their pets.

Today, the animal hospitals have the well-educated doctors, trained staff and modern equipment to provide effective pet health care services. 

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