Friday, 16 December 2016

Why Spaying and Neutering is Necessary for Your Pets

The sad fact is that there is not enough room on Earth for all the pets of the world, and if we don’t stop them for reproducing they will outnumber humans fairly quickly, and this would actually lead to a worldwide catastrophe as we would all run out of natural resources(I know this looks like petapocalypse). I am sure that many of you are of the opinion that we should not try to control the reproductive process of pets, however it is a step that is necessary because if you do not put a stop to it in the first instance you are potentially setting up your pet and their offspring for an extremely hard life.

What happens is that more often than not pets reproduce and the owners are unable to take care of the offspring’s, usually it is because of the fact that they are either too busy or least bothered about the condition or well-being of their pets.

Even if you are extremely vigilant and do your level best for your dog or any other pet for that matter, an accidental pregnancy is still possible , and this can be  really difficult to manage on your own at times. Hence I usually recommend that all pet owners, especially the people who own cats and dogs go forth with the process of low cost spaying and neutering.

There are quite a lot of advantages of spaying and neutering, apart from curbing your pets sexual endeavors. A Spayed female will arguably live longer and won’t go into heat as frequently. It also helps prevent cancer and tumors and urinary tract infections amongst other things while neutering a male means that he will stop with aggressive behavior and will not indulge and territorial behavior such as marking and mounting amongst other things.

Spaying and neutering are extremely feasible and considering that they provide pet owner a multitude of benefits , it can be seen as something which is absolutely important , in fact many pet shelters have made it mandatory and include the costs in their adoption fee process. This is quite possibly the most humane way that you can curb the population of pets and stray dogs and cats who roam the streets.

There will always be a select few who will be against the procedure but personally speaking I find it to be an extremely important procedure, and one which must be done by all pet owners. If you are looking to neuter or spay your pet visit PetVet Animal Hospitals as they are amongst the best vets in Houston Texas.

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